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SKU: 20140101

Discover the subtleties of the wines obtained by long aging in barrels and in bottles : Spain Rioja, Portugal Reserva, Tuscany, Bordeaux, Australia, United States

Price: 4.95$
SKU: 20150102

Choose wines with strong character and persistent aromas: Rhône, Languedoc, Sardinia, Sicily, Douro, Shiraz, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Vintage Bordeaux

Price: 4.95$
SKU: 20150103

Bring this chocolate for médium strong wines and round flavors with aromas ranging from ripe fruit to nuts through pepper and sweet spices: Chile, Rhône, Italy, Spain (Grenache), Argentina, Bordeaux common, Shiraz, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Vintage Bordeaux

Price: 4.95$
SKU: 20150104

Look for the youthful spirit of the aromas in fruity and delicate wines: Beaujolais, Valpollicella, Burgundy Passetoutgrain, Pinot Black Leger, Italian Merlot

Price: 4.95$
SKU: 20150105

Complete your evening with a successful experience: Sparkling wine, Natural Sweet Wine, White Banyuls, Late harvest, Muscat, Fine Liquor ( Belle Brillet , Grand Marnier, Frangelico ... )

Price: 4.95$
SKU: 20150106

Let yourself be enveloped by the warmth of good porto’s

Price: 4.95$
SKU: 20150107

Set of six bars

Price: 25.00$
SKU: 20150108

box of 24 bars

Price: 100.00$
SKU: 20150109

Combine this complex, silky and fine chocolate with your favorite white wines. The aromas of fresh citrus and herbaceous are enlightened to create a perfect harmony.
Enjoy with Chardonnay – Sauvignons blanc – Pinot gris – Riesling – Chablis

Price: 4.95$